Friday, October 5, 2012

friday's fave 5: baseball games

the rockies season may be over, but I had so much fun at baseball games this summer, I'm already looking forward to next year!

1. I love finding meatless meals at Coors Field- at this game we got garlic fries and a veggie panini, but you can also find pizzas, hot dogs, and burgers, all meat-free!
2. Big cheers to baseball beers! Icy, cold brews were the perfect beverage on a hot, summer day
3. Dad & I have been going to Rockies games since I can remember- it's always a lot of fun, but just spending a day with my pop is always the best part♥
4. One of my favorite traditions is keeping a score card- it may not be perfect, but it's darn close!
5. Oh yeah. And baseball! You can't forget that part, can you? ;)

The Rockies may not have won every game this year, but that doesn't matter! I'll still be back next summer for beer drinking, veggie dog eating, and perfect score card keeping!

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