Friday, September 21, 2012

friday's fave 5: fourteeners

With fall quickly approaching, I'm already thinking about some of my favorite moments from this summer- 
hiking my first 2 fourteeners definitely makes that list!

1. The views were outrageous. No matter how many photos I took, it still doesn't seem to do it justice
2. I love spending time with our furry friends- maybe just not that close next time. Ha!
3. Getting to see some places I've never been before-the Grays & Bierstadt areas were both new to me!
4. Spending quality time with wonderful friends is great, but accomplishing something awesome with them makes it even better ♥
5. A tasty meal on its own, our homemade burritos tasted even better after reaching the top

I'm super proud of my hiking skills this summer, and I can't wait to keep it up next year! Any recommendations for our next big hike?

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