Friday, August 17, 2012

friday's fave 5: the denver county fair

At the Denver County Fair last weekend, there were crafts, animals & quite a few meatless treats

1. Red velvet funnel cakes?! Oh my. Yes please.
2. Fun, colorful arrows pointed the way throughout the fair- the Geek Pavilion was my favorite place
3. There were tons of handmade items, and I couldn't resist buying this beautiful Colorado necklace
4. One of the best parts of any county fair is always the animals- I ♥ goats!
5. Not only were there competitions for dips, and pickled vegetables, and pies of all kinds, but there were vegan and gluten free categories too! I absolutely love that. I'm definitely entering next year :)

I hope you enjoyed a small peek at my Denver County Fair fun. Does your county have a fair & are you planning on checking it out? I highly recommend it! I had the best time EVER!

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